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caldrea all purpose cleanser - sea salt neroli
caldrea sea salt neroli all purpose cleanser

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Product Code: CLD-18901

This fragrant and hard-working cleanser contains essential oils, plant-derived ingredients and natural birch bark extract --  nature's best degreaser.

Each bottle of Caldrea all-purpose cleanser contains 32 oz of concentrated cleanser. Mix 1/4 cup with one gallon of warm water. For tough jobs, allow cleanser to sit a few minutes, then rinse. Also works as a countertop spray refill -- just take your empty spray bottle pour in 4 tablespoons all-purpose cleanser and add warm water.

Sea Salt Neroli is a watery composition with essential oils of Lemon Verbena, Cardamon and Neroli, the blossom of a bitter orange tree. Unique mineral notes enhance the fresh sea experience, seemingly adding salt to the air. Lovely woods and sophisticated musk ground this aquatic fragrance.

Caldrea's approach to a healthy home is old-fashioned and simple. They believe in prudent hand-washing, hot sudsy water when you clean and paying particular attention to rooms where bacteria prefer to roam, such as the kitchen and bathroom. You will not find antibacterial or antiseptic ingredients in their household cleaners. Caldrea products are biodegradable and not tested on animals.