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Salad Dressings

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Salad dressing can make or break the dish. It's not too hard to toss together some of your favorite salad ingredients. But store-bought dressings can't hold a candle to most home-made dressings. Plus, you can make a fantastic salad dressing in under a minute with a few simple ingredients. So why don't we make our own dressing more often? Probably because we lack inspiration. With Jessica Strand's new book Salad Dressings, you'll fall in love with salads all over again. Her dressings are delicious and easy to make. There's something in this book for everyone...a few old standbys plus a bunch of fresh new ideas for adding zip to your salads. Flavors such as tarragon, roasted red pepper, or crumbled Stilton cheese enhance simple salads of mixed greens, while creamy varieties such as Tart Russian or decadent Blue Cheese pair with heartier flavors and textures. Exotic dressings like Thai Peanut or Indian Curry add distinctive, unusual flavors that are out of the ordinary. There are salad recipes sprinkled throughout plus quick recipes for crunchy toppings such as flavored croutons or spiced nuts. 6 x 8 in; 80 pp ; 24 color photographs; hardcover Los Angeles-based food and lifestyle writer Jessica Strand is the author of Dinner Parties, Intimate Gatherings, and Holiday Cocktails. Maren Caruso's photography has appeared in numerous cookbooks as well as in Saveur and Better Homes and Gardens.