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Mint Green
Pale Rose
Sea Blue
Moss Gray

The Toolbox by Arik Levy is designed as a practical organizational utensil for storing accessories and small items. Thanks to its handy size, it can be easily stowed in a cabinet or on a shelf, and it takes up little room on a table. The Toolbox is available in a selection of different colors.

Toolbox is a practical organizer. Used to store working materials and accessories, the container can be stowed in a cabinet or on a shelf or trolley. The grab-and-go storage caddy keeps everything easily accessible.

Thanks to the carefully coordinated selection of materials and colors available in the Vitra Color & Material Library, products by Vitra can be effortlessly combined to create diverse, individual collages.

H 6 1/8" x W 12 7/8" x D 6 5/8"