Sandy Chilewich

Sandy ChilewichThe innovative New York-based designer, Sandy Chilewich, is spinning a remarkable career by challenging conventions and defying expectations. For the last three decades, Chilewich has reinterpreted underutilized and overlooked manufacturing practices and has gone on to produce designs marked by ingenuity, industrial elegance, and variety.

Her uniquely successful line of elegant fabrics; her woven vinyls have become the company’s signature textile. Available in an array of weaves and colors, Chilewich is used at the table in homes and better restaurants around the world and for personal accessories, flooring, and wall coverings. In addition to her woven and spun vinyls, she is tufting and now, for the first time, molding vinyl, a process she has named pressed vinyl.

Some businesses evolve organically, as Chilewich demonstrates. “I discovered woven vinyl, and I fell in love with it. Where others saw an industrial material, I saw an opportunity for the collection.” Hence the launch, in 2000, of Chilewich’s distinctive product line. Says Chilewich, “The durability of the yarn, its tremendous versatility, and the fact that it is washable continues to inspire me.”

It inspired Joe Sultan, Chilewich’s architect husband, as well. He developed the company’s first line of commercial grade wall-to-wall woven vinyl flooring, floor tiles, backed and un-backed woven vinyl fabrics for use on walls, panels, and upholstery.