Cobble Rug

Lead Time: Usually ships in 3 weeks.

Cobblestones of different shapes and compositions, which gracefully resist the passage of time, today inspire a rug with the same timeless and compact nature. Cobble, designed by GAN’s creative team, recreates the universal cobblestone paving in a grayscale that reminds us of natural stone, concrete or granite.

Cobble stands out for its texture and discreet personality, but it is rich in nuances, capable of providing calm and balance. Versatile, strong and durable, it is perfect for spaces subject to intense and prolonged use and which are exposed to other factors such as pressure or rolling furniture. In addition, the medium and dark gray tones help regulate the light in a room, making Cobble ideal in for studies or offices where we want to create a sensation of depth.

Cobble is made of 100% wool using the laborious hand-knotted technique. It is available in three sizes: 170x240 / 5’7’’x7’11’’, 200x300 / 6’7’’x9’10’’ and 300x400 / 9’10’’x13’2'’.