Michael Graves Tea Kettle with Black Handle

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The iconic Michael Graves 9093 kettle is one of the most sought after whistling tea kettles in the world. It was the first product by an American designer to be included in the Alessi collection. Even more than 25 years later, it still looks modern in any kitchen.

This version features a black handle instead of the original blue. Michael Graves thought about the design in ways that are not immediately obvious by looking at its simple form. The dots on the bottom signify heat from the stove top. And, of course, the bird whistles. The broad base and tapered top makes the 9093 kettle super efficient. It was designed boil water faster than any other stove top kettle on the market.

From it's introduction in 1985, people simply fell in love with the 9093 tea kettle. More Graves tea kettles have been sold than any other item in Alessi's history.

Replacement birds whistles are available.
8.5" dia x 9" h x 2qt. x 3.5oz
Design Michael Graves, 1985.
Mirror polished 18/10 stainless steel w/ polyamide.