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Architectural Pottery

LS Sculpture Column

The LS sculpture column is one of the most dramatic and flexible pieces in the Architectural Pottery collection. Each individual segment is stacked over a pole to create a single sculpture column. Create your own sculpture or ask us to create one for you!

Four segments stacked on a metal base makes a striking sculpture in a living room or entry. Or create a series of poles to make a stunning room divider. They can even become the basis for a fountain.

Architectural Pottery's award-winning planters and containers have become icons of Mid 20th century design. They are hand-crafted in the USA and manufactured from original drawings, molds and specifications which ensures you are purchasing authentic Architectural Pottery. Designed by Malcolm Leland, each segment and base is sold separately.

A single LS segment measures 23" high x 5" wide. Unglazed bisque ceramic.
By Architectural Pottery