Peanut Planter

Lead Time: Please call for lead time.

The peanut planter is easily the most dramatic planter in the Architectural Pottery collection. It is low and ultra sleek. Place it in an entry hall or behind a floating sofa.

The peanut planter is made from heavy-duty fiberglass. When planted or filled, the fiberglass planter is virtually indistinguishable from a ceramic piece...until you try to pick it up. Look closely at the piece and you'll notice a lovely smooth finish with no fibers visible on the exterior or the top 3+ inches of the interior. The very bottom of the planter's interior is the only place you can see some of the fibers typical to fiberglass construction.

The base is hand-crafted from solid walnut. It comes in three pieces that fit together without tools.

This large planter measures 12"h x 60"l x 14w".

Architectural Pottery's award-winning planters and containers have become icons of Mid 20th century design. They are hand-crafted in the USA and manufactured from original drawings, molds and specifications which ensures you are purchasing authentic Architectural Pottery.