Flex Single Seater Module

Color: Cane-line Tex w/Cane-line Natté Grey
Cane-line Tex w/Cane-line Natté Grey
Cane-line Tex w/ Cane-line Natté Light grey

Lead Time: Usually ships 2 weeks.

The Flex dining lounge sofa and modules are the ideal sofa for outdoor use where the same space is used for both dining and lounging. With its unique design and function, you can change the way Flex is used in a matter of seconds – from dining to lounge or vice versa. Flex is the essence of “life made comfortable”. Flex is a modular sofa system, which can be built to match the shape and size of your wishes. You design your own dining lounge by combining the various elements.

Cane-line QuickDry & Airflow system offers cushions with their special QuickDryFoam. The unique cushion composition ensures a quick drainage after heavy rain and an effective air circulation in humid weather conditions. The benefit is dry cushions approximately one hour after heavy rain and no risk of mold building inside the cushions due to the constant air circulation.

Width: 27.6 inches 
Depth: 30 inches 
Height: 33.5 inches 
Seat height: 46 cm 
Seat depth: 50 cm 
Weight: 33.6 lbs