Setu Chair

Color: Graphite
White / Alpine

Lead Time: Usually ships in 4-6 weeks.

Complexity made simple. Setu is a sophisticated office chair with an innovative kinematic spine that bends and flexes with your every move. No tweaking required. 

How simple? There's a height adjustment. That's it. How refreshing! Setu is such a sophisticated task chair that its movement and conformation to your body are controlled simply by your weight when you sit down. This innovation is made possible by the chair's Kinematic Spine™, designed to combine strength and a flexibility that bends and moves automatically with your every move.

And the elastomeric fabric provides superior suspension and conforms to your contours. Lyris 2 suspension material is an advance in support. Air flow keeps you cool. The material’s double interlocking weave construction adds strength and durability for a firm sit and a distinctive sheen. Working in concert with the spine, Lyris 2 distributes your weight evenly and conforms to your contours. 

Setu chairs are manufactured using 100 percent green electrical energy—half from wind and half from captured landfill off-gassing. And the production produces no air or water emissions. The chair weighs only 18 pounds.  

  • Made with 42 percent recycled materials
  • Setu chairs are 93% recyclable
  • H   37.125–38.375"
  • W  25.125"
  • D  17.25"
  • 12 year warranty

Usually ships in approximately 4 weeks.